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"The Book of Zero Series" April 2004

"Mapping of Memory" September 2001

"Inside the Lotus Seed" April 1999

"Rat Fest: an Art Installation" October 1998

"The Art of the New Generation" September 1997

"Alienation Series" April 1995

"The Stanford Series: Drawings" September 1992

"Reflections of Things at Hand II and III" April 1991

"Alienation Series"
Shown in Leaving Home II
Tresidder Gallery, Stanford University
May - June, 1995

I am easily moved by the immediate effect of photography. The "Alienation Series" derived from my previous work, "Leaving Home Series." The transitional thoughts were motivated by the photographic images of photography master Dorothea Lange’s "An American Exodus." The intensity of lines of seasonal agriculture workers lining up for their payments in the 30’s provokes my personal experience.

This body of work is presented in the format of drawing. Somehow the medium itself brings about a unique experience. The drawings do not document a specific event as a photograph might. The idea of these drawings is implemented through the interaction of material and the mechanical effect. The result brings about a universal and timeless meaning. I want these drawings to be able to communicate with its viewers individually rather than to elicit dogmatic responses. While the series of works may have been motivated by historical and political events, it is my intention to use this medium to convey a deeper level of life experience not only personally but also aesthetically.

Brenda Louie
April 1995

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