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"The Book of Zero Series" April 2004

"Mapping of Memory" September 2001

"Inside the Lotus Seed" April 1999

"Rat Fest: an Art Installation" October 1998

"The Art of the New Generation" September 1997

"Alienation Series" April 1995

"The Stanford Series: Drawings" September 1992

"Reflections of Things at Hand II and III" April 1991

"The Lotus Seed Garden Series"
B Sakata Garu, Sacramento, CA.
April - May 1999

"rising pristine and lovely from its broad sheltering leaves,
the lotus is rooted in the mud and filth of the pond.
lifting itself up into the pure air, later,
In the autumn, battered by the wind.
it sinks back into the water to begin anew the cycle of rebirth and growth."

In these works, I am interested in the concept of a subject matter as much as the interaction with the technical process and the discovery of the materials

Brenda Louie
April 1999

© Brenda Louie 2010