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"The Book of Zero Series" April 2004

"Mapping of Memory" September 2001

"Inside the Lotus Seed" April 1999

"Rat Fest: an Art Installation" October 1998

"The Art of the New Generation" September 1997

"Alienation Series" April 1995

"The Stanford Series: Drawings" September 1992

"Reflections of Things at Hand II and III" April 1991

"Reflections on Things at Hand II and III"
Institute for Design and Experimental Art (I.D.E.A.), Sacramento, CA.
April - May, 1992
1078 Gallery, Chico, CA.
September - October , 1992

All who pass through this world leave marks behind them. These marks become the warp and woof of tapestry histories that define the present and guide the future. This installation is both a memorial and celebration of the departed travelers who left the most significant marks: marks of righteousness, marks of passion for humanity, marks made at the cost of their lives.

The current work has no specific referent but is the evolution of an idea that was painfully conceived soon after June 4, 1989.

Brenda Louie
April 1992

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